20-Motivational Quotes- short enough to inspire you a lot.

20 motivational Quotes written by me.

You might be In any scenario go on read one you might find any one motivational quote, resembling your scenario.


1) Time

Time quote images

What’s your abbreviation of time here is mine.

T- Tomorrow

I- Is


E -Exciting.


2)  Right people. 

Right people quotes

Everyone has there own anticipation of meeting the right people here’s a quote on the same.

Right people will come in your life at the right time.

3) Happiness

What’s your theory around happiness when do you feel most happy read my theory.

Happiness always is in getting unexpected things rather than expected ones.


4) Good and Bad

Having a bad day or a good day days keep on changing what shouldn’t is your mindset read below quote by me on good and bad times.

Sometimes bad and good things happen together.

But don’t allow the bad to shallow the good.

“Moving on from bad is not easy

but in that guilt don’t let the happiness  of good die down. ”

5) Self Love

One of the most important things.

How long does it take for you to love yourself from seconds to years all depends on your self.


6) Think Positive.

You know when we are thinking negative,
and we know it but still we are doing.
But when someone else tell something
negative or speak something negative around us .
we behave contrast we
tell them dont tell negative
things about us.
That’s the thing we need
to implement first for ourself
whenever we think we are negative
we need to stop ourselves right
there just like we did for others.

If we ourselves don’t believe
Who will.

7) Difference

There is a difference between being emotional and behaving emotional.

© Priyanka Jain.


8) Ignorance

To live a happy life we should learn to ignore and the  best way of doing it is saying to self the below.

“I know am observed

But am least bothered”.

9) Trying.


10) Win

You absolutely know you can win
Any battle.
The only thing you need to do is
Make up your mind for win
And not for defeat.

11) Appreciation.

No matter how small it can look
to the world
But only we know how long we
Were waiting for it. .

Appreciate yourself first.

12) Road

As days pass by I realize it’s not been
An easy road till now but still I made it.

Likewise I will make it to all
As days will pass by.

13) Don’t Worry. 

If it’s not happening today don’t
But sooner or later
Definitely it’s gonna happen someday
Just don’t give up on dreams.
Keep them alive in you in everyday.


14) Nothing is permanent. 

Nothing is permanent here
Everything has a deadline
Be calm even your sorrows and pain
Has its own deadline.
Don’t let anything shaken your mindset

“Because stressing ain’t going to help
Being rigid will get you through the phase.”


15) Believe.

If we believe it than only we can make it.

16) Root cause. 

Happiness gives the hopes hope gives
Strength and strength increases your willingness and when your willingness increases no body can stop you from achieving your dreams.

“Happiness is the root cause of everything be happy always”

17)  Late start.

Late start in career doesn’t matter
But early quitting in life does matter.

18) Doesn’t matter

Doesn’t matter
If you think and try
Try and think
If your efforts are worth
You will get what you seek.


19) Hope.

In life
“‘hope should be like a Candle
Which should possess the strength
To overcome the flame of hurdles
Until last ”

The last but not the least.

20) Friends.

We don’t need bundle of friends

We just need friends who brings bundles
Of happiness.


21) Power 

There is no bigger power than will power.

©Priyanka Jain.

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