True Love doesn’t Exist Is A Myth.


Do you also believe true love doesn’t exist do you or do you not.

Well …

We are in a generation where people almost think true love doesn’t exist or even if it exist it’s very rare to find one. But I will tell you that true love exist and it’s  within us and it’s something which can’t eradicate on it’s own. True love is a magical feeling a feeling which almost everyone experiences in there life.

It’s all about belief And I believe in this feeling called love . 

“Love is feeling of belonging, love is a feeling of completeness.

Love doesn’t have any rules Love is a boon to life”

When we are talking about believing in love there are different categories of people, who have made there own belief about love.

Different types of people and there different type of belief.

The Firm believers: These are the people who truly believe in true love and it’s existance these are the people who remain unaffected by other’s opinion’s and talks. For them love is very special feeling and these people only cherish love and not perish. They are the fighters and winners of their love story. 


The Hate Mongers:  These are the people who absolutely don’t believe in love and neither understand it. For this people everything is a time pass and they don’t let other’s also believe in love. These people are the people who make flirting look cool and love boring.

To Love or not to Love:  These are the people who are divided let’s say these are the people who are mostly confused . They neither hate love or like it’s like they are just unsure of there own feelings and this  is the reason some people doesn’t really understand are they just friends or more than friends. Nevertheless they realize later but until then may be  it become’s to late to express.


The Silent wishers: These are the people who are shy in expressing there feeling publicly, but they secretly believe in love but these people deny accepting the same in publicly. These are the people who will say out in the open they are not interested in love and all, but deeply inside there heart they wish to have a super romantic love story. these people cherish love stories and movies and all about love but only thing is they just don’t accept it but they also crave for it.

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