Time(believe in time)

Time is really uncool isn’t it? That to these days. Who might have taught that 2020 is going to be like this where everyone eagerly just wishes to pass it quickly… No I don’t mean that its bad or good but I can only say its weird, very wierd time is wierd!!!

When I talk about myself I was full of positivity and hope about 2020. Had so much in mind and was excited to step into 2020 more than my Birthday I was excited for 2020 yes. Don’t know for what joy but I was.

But now if I look back at the old me I can’t face myself back there it isn’t like I have started hating it… it’s just that that old me can’t answer to this present me. Because slightly when past is repeat mode in present you don’t know where to live in past or present. But still this present me is trying hard fighting hard to stick back to the “old me” Who was full of positivity and that’s what we all are supposed to do right.

There is a saying that “Always be prepared for worst” but it doesn’t mean that you should think of worst it means that you should be strong enough to face the storms. 2020 for teaching has taught me this, so there comes a time ok in every person’s life where he or she has to rebuild themselves once again and I think 2020 is that time for me.

So still I am trying to figure out things I hope by the end of it I will definitely find what I am searching🔍.

I am coping up again hard times comes to test us and we have to pass with flying colours no matter what happens!!! Even though we are made to face the hell we shouldn’t stop dreaming and aspiring about heaven.

We should always be fighting and be full of positivity ,hope, strong will.

And with these I will conclude with one quote that I had earlier written a year ago I believe

I saw miracle too happening and worst also happening but I don’t let the bad win good this battle is on

Always trying hard to let the good win.

T- Tomorrow

I- Is

M- More

E-Exciting .

©Priyanka Jain.

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